• Dynatrace Classic Portal





The Dashboard is a tool that conveniently displays data for up to five active tests in the Dynatrace Classic Portal, using color-coded charts, tables, and other analysis tools. Dashboards are useful for comparing web applications to predefined thresholds.

If your account is set up to use the Dashboard, you can access it from two places:

  • Point your browser to and log in.
  • In the Dynatrace Classic Portal, select ADMIN, then click View Dashboards below the Account Manager information on the My Settings page.

The login credentials for the Dashboard are the same as for the Dynatrace Classic Portal.

Your account has a limited amount of concurrent logins. If you are having trouble logging into the dashboard, it is most likely because the maximum amount of users is already logged in. Before you can login, either someone must log out of the dashboard, or a stale dashboard session needs to be terminated (this is done every five minutes).