An interactive FX measurements usage report is available in the Account settings page of the Dynatrace Portal. You can view actual and projected usage for a selected month including month-to-date or for the 12-month period through the current month. For details, see Account Settings.


  • Dynatrace Classic Portal – Admin > My Settings

The Dynatrace Classic Portal only displays the Flex Usage Report for the current month: how can I obtain copies of previous months?

Dynatrace Classic Portal

To access the Flex Usage Report for a previous month:

  1. Log in to the Dynatrace Classic Portal.
  2. Open a new, blank browser tab.
  3. Paste the following URL into the address bar in the blank tab.
  4. Replace the start date and end date (in red) with the start and end dates for the month you want to view.
    For example, to view the report for March 2016, replace  2016/4/1 with 2016/3/1 and 2016/4/30 with 2016/3/31. Make sure you specify the correct end date for the number of days in the month. 
  5. Press Enter or click the Go to button for the address bar to go to the report for that month.