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  • Account Management Web Service version 4.0



The Account Management Web Service version 4.0 ( WSDL file is delivering links with internal-only server names. As these servers are behind a load balancer, any applications that attempt to consume the service from outside the Gomez firewall will experience errors.

In order to consume the Web Service use the "flat" WSDL file located here:

When the WSDL is loaded into the consumer application, the EndPoint for the Web Service needs to be explicitly set. The syntax used in Visual Studio 2008 is included below. The code sample assumes the Web Service was given the namespace "" and has been added with a using declaration to the page.

To set the EndPoint in Visual Studio 2008:

GPN_WebService.GPN_WS.GPNAccountServiceInterfaceClient client = new GPN_WebService.GPN_WS.GPNAccountServiceInterfaceClient(); 
client.Endpoint.Address = new System.ServiceModel.EndpointAddress("");
client.Endpoint.ListenUri = new Uri("");





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