• Synthetic Classic Platform
  • Private Peer (Private Last Mile) UI

The Account Name (in the Preferences settings in the Private Last Mile UI) is also referred to as the Private Last Mile Network Name in the Synthetic Classic Portal.

Configuration settings are required for every Private Last Mile machine. The Account Name is mandatory.

The Account Name is the unique identifier for an account's Private Last Mile Network. This value allows a Private Last Mile machine to connect to the Dynatrace Performance Network, request jobs (transactions), and return data for display in the Synthetic Classic Portal. Private Last Mile data can only be viewed by the account that owns the specified Private Last Mile account name.

Use the Private Last Mile UI to review the Account Name, and change it to another existing network if necessary.

  1. Launch the Private Last Mile UI.
  2. Select Options > Preferences.
  3. Add or modify the Account Name.
  4. Click Save.

Note: Entering an incorrect Account Name will prevent Private Last Mile from connecting to the Synthetic Classic Portal to request jobs and return data.