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My test is running from three nodes when it should be running from 10 nodes. How can I change this configuration?


To add nodes to a test:

  1. In the Synthetic Classic Portal, open the test in the Edit a Backbone Test page. For details, see Editing Tests.
    The Basic Settings for the test are displayed by default

  2. In the Nodes and IPv6 Preferences section, select the nodes you want to add to the test in the nodes list on the left, and click the right arrow to move them to the Selected Nodes list.

  3. Click Update and Finish.
    The nodes are added to the test.

Note: The transaction will immediately run on the new nodes as soon as they are added to the test.


Root Cause

Backbone tests run from nodes in the Synthetic Classic Portal. A node is a unique combination of a geographic location and network provider; for example, "FINLAND: Helsinki - TeliaSonera".

Synthetic Classic nodes are located in data centers around the world. You can select any combination of nodes to test response time and overall availability
of your web applications. The more nodes on which you run a test, the more thorough and comprehensive the picture of the web application's performance will be.



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