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You can create a report to email a saved chart on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

  1. If necessary, create and save the chart. For details, see Interactive Charts and Managing Interactive Charts in the documentation.
  2. Go to the Reports page.
  3. Click Create a New Report.
  4. Select Saved Chart Template at the end of the templates list, then click Continue.
  5.  Provide a Report Name.
  6. If necessary, select the Reporting Time Zone.
  7. Click Select Charts, then select the saved chart in the Select Charts window and click OK.
    You can only include one chart in the report.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. If necessary, select the format and formatting options.
  10. Select the report schedule.
    Now – The report will be generated within a few minutes, and will be emailed once.
    Daily – Select the time, on the hour, to email the chart.
    Weekly – Select the day and time.
    Monthly – Select whether to email the chart on the First Day of Month or Last Day of Month, then select the time.
  11. Select the expiration date. The default is one year after the day the report is created.
  12. Optional: Edit the subject line for the email.
  13. Enter the email addresses of the recipients, separating the addresses with semicolons.
    Note: The Dynatrace Portal does not validate email addresses.
  14. Click Continue.
  15. Confirm the report details and click Done.

Only the creator of a chart can make changes to a saved chart. If you are the recipient of a saved chart that was created by a user who is no longer with your company and you need to change the chart, contact Customer Support for assistance.




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