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My website uses a CAPTCHA image as part of our security protocols. Can the Windows Recorder handle these images?


Unfortunately, at this time, the Windows Recorders cannot handle a CAPTCHA image.

Image Verification is a security feature used by some websites where the user is asked to type in a text string presented to them via an image file. Doing this prevents someone from using an automated solution against their website, as well as to ensure that a human is interacting with the page, instead of a bot.

Image Verification is designed in such a way that there is no way to script around them. Synthetic Classic scripts are no exception to this.

If your site uses Image Verification but and you would like to monitor the application, we suggest that you create an account just for testing purposes that is configured without the image verification page.

You may need to speak to your Image Verification vendor to see how to implement this solution.

Recommended work-arounds for CAPTCHA configuration include disabling CAPTCHA for the specific test logins used, or setting a specific cookie in your synthetic tests to auto-bypass the CAPTCHA. Your application team must determine how best to bypass or auto-fill their CAPTCHA for the test.




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