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When you are setting up new Peer Populations for new peer machines, it sometimes happens that when you click Calculate fill rate probability, a message appears that no machines are available, but actually that machines are online that match the population's criteria. Why is it not finding them?

 The Calculate fill rate probability function searches for machines that matched the population criteria and also have performed jobs and provided data to the Dynatrace Classic Portal within the last 24 hours.

When these machines are found, the Dynatrace Classic Portal looks at the machine's hourly average stats. If a machine has only provided data for 1 hour in the last 24, it is counted as 1/24th of a machine. This number is then compared with the demand for data from machines matching that description to determine the fill rate probability for the new tests. 

The new machines are not appearing in the Fill Rate Probability dialog box because they have not yet performed any tests. Once the machine has run a test and send the test's data back to the Dynatrace Classic Portal, then it will appear according to the rules described above.