• Synthetic Classic Portal

The time zone for the Synthetic Classic database is GMT.

You can specify an account-wide time zone, or GMT offset, in the Account settings page in the Synthetic Classic Portal. (For details, see Account Settings in the documentation.) This setting determines the timestamp for most data displayed in the Synthetic Classic Portal, for example in Interactive Charts.

The time zone can only be set at the global account level. However, there is a work-around for reporting: Saved Charts and Reports retain the time zone to which the account was set when they were originally configured. So, for reports that need to display the time in a different time zone than the account setting:

  1. On the Account settings page, change the global time zone to the desired new setting. (Not all account profiles have access to the Account settings page.)
  2. Create and save the report or saved chart.
  3. Change the global time zone back to the original setting.



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