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Screen Capture on Success is only available for Mobile tests.

To create screen captures for a successful Backbone test, you can create a false validation at the end of the script, which will cause the test to "fail" and therefore trigger SCoE even though it runs successfully.

Note: Using content matches to force the test to fail will affect the transaction's availability numbers. To prevent these test failures from skewing your data, you may want to provision separate tests for normal test runs and for this workaround.

  1. If the script is already uploaded to the Dynatrace Portal, download the script to the Dynatrace Recorder. For details, see Opening a script in the documentation.
    Otherwise, record the transaction.
  2. Add a Validation action at the end of the script.
    You can either specify Match Text that you are certain will not be found in the target page; or specify text that is in the target page and select Fail the script if this matches.
    For more information, see Validate script action.

  3. In the Recorder, select Save (remote) to upload the script to the Dynatrace Portal. For details, see Saving a a script
  4. Provision a test using the "guaranteed to fail" script.






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