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Why does my test fail with a Byte Limit Exceeded error?


When a test runs, it measures the overall size of a page as well as the entire transaction. To protect the available bandwidth of the Dynatrace Performance Network, there are page and transaction size limits which, if exceeded, will cause the test to fail with a 14001 Byte Limit Exceeded error.

The limits are:

  • 10 MB per page
  • 15 MB per transaction

A test can download up to 10 MB of data within a single page of the test, and a total of 15 MB for the full transaction. If either of these limits is exceeded while the script is being played back, an error occurs.

Note: Last Mile transactions are also limited to 10 steps per transaction.

On a case-by-case basis, these limits may be increased. Contact your Account Manager or Customer Support if you need to increase the limit for a page or transaction. Provide the script file (the .gsl file) for which you want to increase the limit, along with the names of the Backbone nodes or Last Mile Peer Population(s) from which you want to run your test.




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