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  1. Wait For Page Complete
    • Wait until all objects in a web page are fully loaded. This wait will first wait for the load event of the browser. Then wait a Page Complete Delay time (default 250ms) to make sure everything is loaded. Then wait a Pending Read Wait time (default 3000ms) for any further asynchronous requests. Usually used to wait for page load.
  2. Wait For Network
    • Wait until no more network activity occurs. This wait event will be triggered by any network activity in 200ms after the previous action. It will wait until all network activities stop, then wait for another 200ms to verify there is no more network activity. Usually used to wait for AJAX and other asynchronous requests.
  3. Wait For Time
    • Wait for a specific number of seconds. Usually used to wait for an event that only be available in a specific amount of time. Like a vote button available in 15 seconds later
  4. Wait For Validation
    • Wait until some element shows up in a page. Usually used to wait and verify some object.
  5. Wait For Event
    • Wait until certain event is triggered. The Dynatrace Recorder only supports the following two events in this action: DOMReady and Load.
    1. DOMReady Event: When a DOMReady event is triggered, web page elements may not be fully loaded but the DOM hierarchy has been fully constructed.
    2. Load Event: A Load Event occurs when a web page is fully loaded. In the Firefox Agent, it will wait for the load event ( In the IE Agent, it will wait for the DocumentComplete event (





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