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In the Recorder, both Type action and FormFill action can be used for text input. What is the difference?


Type Action

The Type (keystrokes) action simulates a user entering individual keystrokes while filling out a text element on a page.

When recording a script, if the Keystrokes option is selected, the Dynatrace Recorder detects and captures each key typed into a valid text element (text input fields, password fields, and text area fields). This capability is especially useful for applications where individual keystrokes may fire off certain events (for example, auto-suggest functionality for search fields).

The Keystrokes option is selected by default when you record a script.

For more information, see Type Script Action and Type Action in the documentation.

FormFill Action

The FormFill (setInputValue) action is an alternative to the Type action. It is used for filling in a text input field. Similar to the Type action, the FormField action sets the value of the text input field to the string specified. The difference is that a FormFill only provides the input value; it does not actually perform the individual keystroke events.

To record FormFill actions for the contents of input fields instead of Type actions, select FormFill when you begin recording a script. For more information, see Creating Browser Scripts or Creating Mobile Device Scripts in the documentation.

Select the FormFill option instead of Keystrokes when individual keystrokes are not significant and you only need to record the final value assigned to the text element.

For more information, see FormFill Script Action and FormFill Action in the documentation.