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When you provision a new test in the Synthetic Classic Portal, you can configure the test to run with or without objects.

By default, all objects are tested in multi-step tests. However, you can choose to store page objects or not. If you choose to store page objects, after the test has run, you can drill into object details.

From the interactive chart:

  1. Create an interactive chart for the test. For details, see Interactive Charts in the documentation.
  2. Click a data point and select Object from the context menu.
    The Interactive Chart: Objects dialog box appears.
  3. Select the objects you want to chart.
    If necessary, you can filter the object list or search for objects with names that contain a specified string.
  4. Click Chart to display the interactive chart for the selected object(s).

In the waterfall chart:

  • Click an object in the waterfall chart to display an in-line object trend chart. For details, see Waterfall chart in the documentation.

From the Trend details view:

  1. Click a data point, then click the Raw scatter link in the popup window to display the Raw scatter chart.
  2. Do either of these to display the Object list page:
    • In the Summary tab, click Objects.
    • Click a data point in the chart and select Objects from the popup window.
  3. Select one or more objects, then click Chart.

For more information, see Trend details in the documentation.

Note: To enable Screen Capture on Error (SCoE), you must have All Page Objects selected.



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