• Dynatrace Performance Network
  • Synthetic Classic Data Feeds – FTP and Web Services




There are two types of raw data stored in the Dynatrace Performance Network database:

  • Object level data – Available for up to 33 days.
  • End-to-End response time and availability metrics – Stored for 14 months.

One way to preserve this raw test data is to set up a Data Feed. Data feeds can be used via FTP or Web Services. 

Based on your needs, you can use either of two data feed options. To discuss which data feed is right for you, please contact your Account Manager.

  • Web Services – Using the web services interface, you can customize sample PERL scripts to run hourly or daily batch jobs to download test, page, alert and object level data. These downloaded text files can then be uploaded into your own data warehouses, although this process may need to be managed by more technical employees. 
  • FTP – If you have dozens of tests and a large test volume (if, for example, you are testing service providers and ad networks), File Transfer Protocol (FTP) may be your best option. Since high volume user with many tests can generate up to a Gigabyte of data, FTP files are created every hour that you can download with automated scheduled scripts. Similar to Web Services, this requires technical personnel to manage the process.





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