Dynatrace has a dedicated Professional Services team responsible for the operations and maintenance of the Benchmark transactions. This team uses the Dynatrace Portal to monitor all of our Benchmarks and investigate any performance issues that are detected. Monitoring and investigation occur during normal business hours (Monday–Friday, 8:30am  5:30pm ET). If a performance issue is a result of a broken script (most often caused by a change to the application being monitored), this team is responsible for making the necessary changes to the script to allow it to monitor the application successfully.

We encourage companies that are included in the Industry Benchmarks to notify the Dynatrace Benchmarks team in advance of any site changes that may affect the transaction running in the Benchmark.

Upon request, the Professional Services team provides customers with "mirror" scripts of their Public Benchmarks: scripts that mimic the behavior of the Public Benchmark script, but stripped of specific test account information, and designed to be uploaded and run in a customer's account. The customer may need to edit the test and fill in any credit card, account, login, and password information (if relevant) before the test will run successfully.  Once a mirror Benchmark script is uploaded to a customer account, the test is no longer connected to the Public Benchmark. Changes made to mirror scripts are not applied to the Public Benchmark, and may negate the purpose of comparing performance to the Public Benchmark.  In order to ensure that the mirror test results are as close to the results of the Benchmark test as possible, the customer should provision the mirror test to run on the same nodes and for the same time periods as the Benchmark test. 

 If you are concerned that the Public Benchmark running against your website is invalid or is not indicative of actual performance, please contact Support to escalate your concerns to the Benchmark team. They will assess your concerns and requests, and will make changes if the request is deemed to be valid and in line with our Benchmark Methodology.



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