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To workaround this behavior, set the Wait action to Wait for Network. The script will wait until all network activity is complete, so that all objects in the pop-up are loaded before moving on to the next action.
To do this, perform these steps.
  1. Start the Dynatrace Recorder and open the script.
  2. Click the Wait action in the pop-up step to display the action configuration.
  3.  In the Criteria list, select Network.
  4. Save the script.

For more information, see Wait Script Action and Wait Actions in the documentation.

Root Cause


There are four Wait action criteria; Page Complete, Network, Time and Validate. The Wait action will wait until the selected criterion is met before continuing. This behavior can occur when the Wait action for the pop-up step is set to Page Complete, and the script opens the pop-up but does not wait for the pop-up to finish loading before moving onto the next action causing an error or missing objects.\



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