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Run a test through a proxy.


To enable a proxy setting in a script:

  1. Save the script to your computer as a GSL file.
    In the Dynatrace Recorder, select File > Save (local), or click the SAVE button.
  2. Open the GSL file into a text editor.
  3. Put the following XML tag between the <Configuration></Configuration> tags.
    In the tag, the proxy_host value is the host IP address, and the proxy_port value is the port number of the proxy.
    <Param name="" value=""/><Param name="" value="8890"/
  4. Save the script.

To verify that the script is working, disable the proxy setting in the Dynatrace Recorder and play back the script locally. If the site can load correctly without the proxy setting in the Dynatrace Recorder, the proxy configuration setting in the script is working.





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