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The Dynatrace Recorder does not support specifying a proxy within a script. However, you can do this by adding the proxy parameters in the script's GSL file.

Save the script locally as a .gsl file, using the Save button or the File > Save (local) command. Then open the file into a text editor such as Windows Notepad

The parameters are:

<Param name="http://www.gomez.com/settings/proxy_script" value="pac script path" />

<Param name="http://www.gomez.com/settings/proxy_username" value="" />

<Param name="http://www.gomez.com/settings/proxy_password"  value="" />

A related parameter is the bypass parameter. You can add this to a script when you don't want the script to use a local proxy to access the target pages. It is mainly used for Private Last Mile tests. The parameter is:

<Param name="http://www.gomez.com/capabilities/bypass_proxy" value=""/>


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