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For Backbone tests with less than 100% availability, how can I find out what object errors occurred?


To generate a chart that displays the object errors for a Backbone test which do not impact the test availability, follow these steps:

1. In the Dynatrace Classic Portal, click the Performance Tests tab.

2. Select the test with the error from the All transactions box and click right arrow to move it to the Selected transactions box.

3. Configure the chart as desired and click Create Chart.

4. Next to Avg Response Time (sec) and Availability (%) look under Details for a red square with 4 Xs in it.

5. Click on this icon to generate an Object Errors chart. This will show you the object errors that occurred on that test during the time charted.

Root Cause

An object level failure occurs when a requested object, such as an HTML page or an image, is missing or not found.

An object level failure is classified in one of two ways:

  • Nonfatal – The object cannot be downloaded, but the transaction can proceed as planned because the failed object is not critical to the transaction.
  • Fatal – The object that is required to complete the transaction cannot be downloaded. This will cause a test failure that will impact the test availability.