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Backbone Firefox Tests Only

Flash interaction playback currently is only supported for Backbone tests using the Firefox playback agent.  Playing scripts that include Flash interaction on Internet Explorer, Chrome, non-backbone products, or older versions of Firefox will not cause damage as the newly supported actions will be ignored, but the scripts may not play back successfully.

Timing Issues

When playing back a Flash object, the Recorder does not have the ability to observe what is occurring in the Flash object itself.  While the Recorder can measure network performance, there is no way for the Recorder or agents to observe items such as animations completing, and so on.  As many Flash scripts utilize intro movies, animated transitions, and so on, timing issues can be a consistent problem during playback.  The Recorder attempts to insert Wait for Time when it can detect issues, but it is not always accurate.


As the Recorder has no insight into the Flash object, it cannot add validations or Wait for Validations based on Flash content.


FormFill is not supported on Flash objects, as the interaction is based on playing back exact keystrokes.

Native Platform Support

Flash is sometimes used to add capabilities to a web browser, such as file uploads and camera or microphone access.  These scenarios are not supported in the Winodws Recorder or agents.

Playback on the Backbone

Only wmode=windows is supported. SCoE results will not render properly when played on a Backbone node; the content will be rendered as a black rectangle. Although the content is not rendered properly, interaction with the items will still be successful.

Byte Limit Exceeded Errors

Websites that include Flash applications may encounter "Byte limit exceeded" errors more frequently due to the size of the Flash application that is downloaded. To increase the byte limits of scripts or individual steps, please contact Client Services.

Interstitials or Changing Content

Flash content that includes occasional or arbitrary interstitials or changing content may not play back successfully.

Mobile Agent and Scripts

Flash is not supported for the Mobile Agent. Flash is disabled when recording Mobile scripts.