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You can define a content match so that when a test downloads a web page, specific content must exist on the page for the text to be successful. When a content match validation is included in the script, the Browser Agent searches the page's source code for the text. If it finds the text it is looking for, the test continues as planned; if not, the Browser Agent generates an error. Thus, a content match is a good way to ensure that your test is downloading the page that you expect.

Content matches can be created as either a Text Match or as a Regular Expression pattern.

When the Browser Agent has finished requesting a page and all the page objects have finished downloading, the Agent searches all content that can be parsed for the content match as defined for that particular page. Valid targets for the validation are any text-based page objects, such as:

  • HTML source code
  • Style sheets
  • JavaScript files
  • XML

For more information, see Validate Script Action in the documentation.





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