• Synthetic Monitoring - Private Last Mile

Enable Logging:

Begin Logging:

  1. Open the Private Last Mile UI on the machine.
  2. Select Options > Preferences to display the Preferences page.
  3. At the bottom right of the screen, change Kernel Logging and GUI Logging to TRACE (by selecting it from the drop-down list),
  4. Click Save.

Stop the Peer Software from running:

  1. Select Options > Service to open the Service Controller screen.
  2. Click the Stop button, and close the screen.
  3. Close the Private Peer UI.

Launch the Windows Task Manager and kill the GomezPEER.exe process if it is still running.

Navigate to the Private Peer log folder and rename the following files:
ppeer-debug.log > ppeer-debug.log.orig
ppeer-debug-ui.log > ppeer-debug-ui.log.orig
GomezPEERSvc.log > GomezPEERSvc.log.orig

Launch the Private Peer UI and restart the client services:

  1. Select Options > Service to open the Service Controller screen.
  2. Click the Start button
  3. Close the Private Peer UI.


Confirm that the services are started.

Reproduce to get issue displayed in logging:

Reproduce the problem or wait for a couple of hours so that it appears in the debug logs.


Send logging to Support:

Send the log files and a description of the problem to Customer Support.
The log files ppeer-debug.log* and ppeer-debug-ui.log* are located in <installationdirectory>\logs, where the default for <installationdirectory> is C:\Program Files (x86)\Dynatrace\PrivateLastMile.


For more information, see Diagnosing Private Last Mile Runtime Issues in the Private Last Mile documentation.