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How many tests can run on a Hardware Private Agent at the same time?



 A software-based Private Agent is now available. The Software Private Agent can be downloaded through the Dynatrace Portal for installation in locations you choose, and is scalable up to thousands of tests per hour. For details, see Getting started with Software Private Agent in the documentation.

There is no definitive total number of tests that can run on a Hardware Private Agent. There is, however, a limit to how many tests can run at the same time.

According to our Network Engineers, Hardware Private Agents (hardware installed at a client site) run multi-threaded software. Depending on the specific hardware of the Agent itself and the type of Agent, the Hardware Private Agents can run between 10 and 16 tests (threads) at a time.

Once a test is finished, the process is killed, and a new test can start immediately. How many tests run over an hour depends on the size and complexity of the tests (more single-page tests can run during the same interval as a complex script, for example).





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