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I have a large object in my test (such as a large Flash file) which is causing my test to go over the Byte Limit. How do I filter that object out of the test completely?


You can filter an object or domain completely from a Browser Agent script through the Dynatrace Recorder:

  1. Record the transaction in the Dynatrace Recorder as usual; this provides you a script to work from.
  2. Identify the object(s) or domain(s) which you wish to filter.
  3. Within the Step that the object appears, click on the small light-gray rectangle in front of the first Action icon in the Step.
  4. When this light-gray rectangle is clicked, it turns into a + and an Actions drop-down menu is created. From this menu, select the purple "Filter" icon - it will be added to the Step.
  5. Click the purple Filter icon to add a Filter action to the timeline. Give the Filter a name and select the "Turn Filter On" radio-button to fill in more information.
  6. Enter in the Criteria type - Contains, Ends With, or Starts With, and fill in the object name or any sub-string of the URL(s) you want to filter. If you want to filter all objects from a specific domain, you can enter that value as the URL fragment. This fragment is matched against the full URL, including the protocol (http://, https://). When filtering an object, please note that the domain is presumed - so an object URL of would be entered here as Media/flash.flv
  7. Play back the script to ensure that it works as expected; if so, save the script and upload to the portal as usual.

For more information, see Filter Script Action and Filter Action in the documentation.





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