The Account Primary user for the account is leaving the company, or their responsibilities have changed. A new user needs to be designated as the primary user with full administrative permissions.


In the Dynatrace Portal, only the current Account Primary user can change another user's profile. If the Account Primary user will no longer be available for any reason, make sure another user is assigned the Account Primary profile before the current Account Primary user leaves.

  1. Log in as an Account Primary user.
  2. Select  > User management to display the User management page.
  3. Click the expand icon for the user, then click Edit user.
    If necessary, use the filter field above the user table to find the user. 
  4. In the Edit user screen, select the Account Primary profile (Start typing or select from dropdown), then click Add new profile.
  5. Click Save user.
Root Cause

The Dynatrace Portal has seven user profiles:

  • Account Admin
  • Account Primary
  • Operator Advanced
  • Perf Analyst
  • Scripter
  • Test Admin
  • Test Operator

For more information about each profile's permissions, see Profiles in the documentation.



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