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I was able to get the components chart by the test (including all steps/pages). But how can I get it only for a step/page?




In the Dynatrace Portal, you can chart the following network components by test and by step (page):

  • 1st Byte Time
  • Connect Time
  • Content Time
  • DNS Time
  • SSL Time

To chart all the network components by test, click Templates above the top right corner of the interactive chart and select Network Components. All network components are included in the chart. When you apply the Network Components template, you cannot change the other chart parameters.

You can chart one network component at a time for a step:

  1. Click the Metric above the Interactive Chart to display the chart parameters.
    For example, in the chart above, the Metric is Network Components.
  2. From the Metric list, select Time > component, where component is one of the network components listed above.
  3. From the Group By list, select Step.
  4. Select the other parameters — View By, Calculation, and Type — as needed.
  5. Click Update to refresh the chart.

The resulting chart shows the data for each step in the test, using a different color for each step. You can chart additional components by clicking Add Series.