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The maintenance window feature enables you to suppress testing during specified time periods on specified days, for example, outside of business hours or during planned maintenance that will affect system performance. Tests do not begin to run during the maintenance window; however, tests already running before the maintenance window's start time continue to run until they are complete.

There are two types of maintenance windows:

  • A recurring maintenance window is configured for a specific day and repeats each week until it is deleted. You can create account-wide recurring maintenance windows, or create a recurring maintenance window for a specific test.

  • A one-time maintenance window is created for a specific planned outage, and expires after that one time. You can only create one-time maintenance windows for specific tests, not account-wide.

For Backbone tests, you can create recurring or one-time maintenance windows for tests or for alerts.

  • Test – The test does not run during the specified time period. Alerting is also temporarily stopped

  • Alert – The test runs as scheduled, but alerting is stopped during the maintenance window.

For other test types, you can create maintenance windows for tests only.

Maintenance window for one test

To create a recurring or one-time maintenance window for a test, edit the test. For details, see these help pages:

Maintenance window for multiple tests

Use the Maintenance windows page to define a maintenance window for multiple tests, add multiple tests to a maintenance window, or remove multiple tests from a maintenance window. For details, see the help page Maintenance windows.

Default (account-wide) maintenance window

Use the Maintenance windows page to define a maintenance window that will be added to each new test by default. For details, see the help pages Maintenance windows and Default recurring maintenance windows.





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