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I need to monitor the page load times for pages that are loaded from the browser cache.

The expectation is generally that due to the caching of objects, the page load times for the refresh or second loading of the page will be less than the original load time.


The Dynatrace Portal creates a new instance of the browser each time a test is run, so the page objects are not cached between test runs. However, the DNS is not flushed between test runs. You can simulate cached pages by scripting a test that steps through the workflow twice in the same test.

For example, record a script with the following steps:

Step 1 = Home
Step 2 = Login
Step 3 = Logout
Step 4 = Home PLT2 (using a Navigate action, the same as Step 1)
Step 5 = Login PLT2
Step 6 = Logout PLT2

Display an Interactive Chart that only shows the second workflow:

  1. Create the Interactive Chart for the test. For details, see Interactive Charts in the documentation.
  2. Click the default Average Response Time by Test metric to display the metric settings, select Group By > Step, and click Update.
  3. Filter out the steps that performed the original (non-cached) page loads: In the table below the chart, click the Key icon for a step to remove the step from the chart. (Clicking the icon again restores the step to the chart.)





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