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Although you can't modify the body of the alert notification emails, you can modify their subject lines. To modify an alert email subject line, follow these steps:

  1. In the Synthetic Classic Portal, select Setup Tests > Alerts, then select the Alert Destinations tab.

  2. Do one of the following:
    • To edit a destination, select the destination in the table, then in the Action column, select Action > Edit.
    • To create a new destination, click Create an alert destination above the table.
  3. Edit the Subject field, using the variables described below.
  4. If you are creating a new destination, configure the other fields as needed.
  5. Click Update (for an edited destination) or Create (for a new destination) to save the changes.

You can use any of the fields below to pull information from the Dynatrace Synthetic Classic Platform for the email subject line. Please note that the '$' signs and brackets are required.

  • [$AccountName$] Your Account name. 

  • [$TestName$]  The name of the test that triggered the alert.

  • [$MonitorType$]  The name of the test's Agent.

  • [$SiteThresholdNum$]  The user-defined minimum number of sites that must be in an error status to generate the alert. Use this if the alert is configured with an absolute number of sites. 

  • [$SiteThresholdPerc$]  The user-defined minimum percent of sites that must be in an error status to generate an alert. Use this if the alert is configured with a percentage of sites.

  • [$SitesInTotal$]  The total number of sites evaluated in the alert. 

  • [$SitesInAlert$]  The number or percent of sites in violation of the alert criteria. 

  • [$AlertProgression$]  The current status of the alert. Possible values include Initial, Reminder, All Sites, or Improved. 

  • [$AlertType$]  The type of alert that is being triggered.  Possible values include:
    • Response Time  
    • Transaction Failure
    • Page Object Availability
    • Byte Limit
  • [$AlertLevel$]  The alert's current status. Possible values are Warning. Severe, or Improved. 

Please note, this will set the default value for configuring that destination to an alert setting. In specific settings it can be edited again. Future edits to the destination value will not 'backfill' to previously set configurations.





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