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In some cases, you may want to delete a script that has been uploaded to the Dynatrace Platform, but has not yet been assigned to a test.



Warning: When a test is deleted, all data collected for that test is deleted as well. The test and data collected cannot be recovered once deleted.

Dynatrace Portal

Use the Dynatrace Recorder to delete a script from the Dynatrace Portal.

  1. In the Dynatrace Recorder, click the OPEN button and select Open from Dynatrace Platform; or select File > Open (Remote).
  2. If necessary, log in to the Platform.
    The Open from Dynatrace Platform window lists all scripts uploaded to the Platform.
  3. Scroll to the script name, or use the search field above the table to find the script.
    You can sort the table by any column by clicking the column head once for ascending order and twice for descending order.
  4. Select the script row. 
  5. Click Delete.

Dynatrace Classic Portal

In the Dynatrace Classic Portal, to delete a script that has not been assigned to a test, the test must first be assigned to a test and then the test must be deleted. This deletes both the test and the script.

To delete an unassigned script, perform these steps.

  1. Log in to the Dynatrace Classic Portal.

  2. Click the Admin tab.

  3. Click Add/Edit Backbone Tests.

  4. Click Add Backbone tests.

  5. Under Specify a Single URL or Script, select Transaction.

  6. From the Choose a Script list, select the script to delete.

  7. For Enter Test Name, type a name that clearly identifies that this test will be deleted.

  8. For Define Status, select Configure with default settings and activate later, and then click Submit.

  9. Move the test from All Backbone Tests and Folders to Selected Tests and Folders to edit, and then click Edit.

  10. Select Status, and then click Continue.

  11. Click Delete, and then click Submit.

  12. When asked Are you sure you want to permanently delete this Transaction?, click Yes.





In some cases you may want to delete a script that has been uploaded to the Gomez Portal but has not yet been assigned to a test.