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Alerts are sent out based on a configurable setting for a test. For example, if a test's alert notification time interval (Reminders frequency) is set to 5 minutes and Send Reminders is turned on, when that test is in a Warning or Severe state you will receive an alert every 5 minutes until the test recovers from the failing state.

Follow these steps to edit alert notifications:

  1. Log into the Dynatrace Portal.

  2. Select Setup Tests > Alerts from the Portal menu.

  3. Find the test whose alert settings you want to modify. Select the test and, in the Action column, select Action > Edit.

  4. Select Test Level Alerts or Step Level Alerts, as needed.
  5. In the Notifications section, select the time interval corresponding to how often you would like to receive alerts from the Reminders Frequency drop-down list. If there is no Notification configuration in this section, click Add Notification to display the fields.

  6. Click Update or Update and Finish. The alert notification settings are changed.

Note: If you only want to receive reminders for tests in a specific status (Severe or Warning), select and/or clear the Send Reminders check box for the appropriate status.






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