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When Last Mile or Private Last Mile tests are activated to run, sometimes they run within a few minutes, but at other times they take hours to start collecting data. Some of my tests have a limited time window to run once created. How can I have them start sooner?


If you schedule the test in the second half of an hour (after XX:30), you will likely see the job started within 15 minutes.

Root Cause

Two processes schedule the job: one runs every hour to schedule the job for the new test in the next 3 hours; the other runs every 15 minutes for any updates or new tests. If your test is captured by the first process, it could take 3 to 3.5 hours for it to start to run; if your test is captured by the second process, the test will be started in 15 minutes. 

The first process is run in the first half of an hour (XX:00–XX:30).  Scheduling the test in the second half of an hour avoids this process, and thus the test starts sooner.