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I know that we will be affected by one-time planned maintenance. Is there a way to disable all alerts at once, without having to change the settings in each test?


For one-time events, you can disable alerts globally.

In the Dynatrace Portal:

Through Alerts:

  1. Select Setup Tests > Alerts.
  2. On the Alert Configuration tab of the Alerts page, click Edit account-wide alerts.
  3. Select Disable Alerts, then click Update.

Through Administration:

  1. Select Administration > Account Details.
  2. In the Account Details page, select Account Settings.
  3. Click the edit icon next to the Alerts section heading.
  4. In the Alerts popup window, set the global alert controls to Off.


In the Dynatrace Classic Portal:

  1. Select the Admin tab to display the My Settings page.
  2. In the Account Management section, select View/Edit Preferences and Test Defaults.
  3. In the Preferences and Test Defaults screen, under Alerts: Master Controls, select Account-wide Alerts Control and Alerts Activation by Test Type, then click Continue at the bottom of the page.
  4. Disable or enable the appropriate global alert controls as necessary, then click Submit.

Remember to re-enable alerts as soon as the planned maintenance is complete.





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