• Dynatrace Portal

The Trending page allows you to view historic summary-level response time and availability metrics for up to 14 months of Single Page and Transaction Agent types and up to 12 months for Last Mile and Private Peer.

The Trending page does not allow you to view object level data. Object level data can be viewed from the Diagnostics page. This data is stored for 33 days and cannot be increased.

Trending data is only available for active and inactive tests. When a test is deleted all data collected for that test is deleted as well.

To chart historical data, perform these steps.

  1. Log in to the Dynatrace Portal.
  2. Select Monitor & Analyze > Charts > Classic Last Mile.
    To view this option, you must select Show Classic Menu Items in the My Preferences page (click the user icon in the top right corner of the Portal and select My Profile, then select My Preferences.)

  3. On the Last Mile Diagnostics page, click the Trending link.
  4. Move the test to chart from All tests to Selected tests.
  5. Under Select Summary View, select the desired time frame.
  6. Click Submit.



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