• Dynatrace Synthetic
  • Synthetic Monitoring Last Mile


In the Dynatrace Portal, you can view Last Mile data in the Interactive Chart.

Interactive Charts

  1. Select Monitor & Analyze > Charts > Interactive to display the Create Charts page.
  2. Search for and select tests to create a new chart, or select a saved chart from the View and Manage Charts section of the page.
  3. Above the chart, click the Metric by Grouping link (the default is Average Response Time by Test) to display the configuration options.
  4. Click the Group By field to display the list, then hover over Geography to display the sublist.
  5. Select Country or Region, from the sublist. ( City information is not supported by public Last mile peers)
  6. Click Update to update the chart with the new configuration.
  7. Optionally, click Save (or Action > Save As) to save the chart.




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