• Synthetic Monitoring Private Last Mile
  • Synthetic Monitoring Last Mile





Before and after every Private PEER test is run, the bandwidth of every computer in the tests Peer Population is measured so that the test can be categorized by available bandwidth. This pre- and post-test bandwidth testing is done by accessing a random object that is hosted at a third party provider (this is a timed download for calculation purposes only). We calculate the machines current bandwidth by averaging the results of the pre- and post-tests. The data collected for the test transaction is then placed in one of the bandwidth buckets:

  • Legacy/Saturated G0 (<=56kbps)
  • Narrowband G1 (>56kbps, <=200kbps)
  • Narrowband G2 (>200kbps, <=512kbps)
  • Broadband G3 (>512kbps, <=768kbps)
  • Broadband G4 (>768kbps, <=1536kbps)
  • Broadband G5 (>1536kbps, <=3072kbps)
  • Broadband G6 (>3072kbps)

If a bandwidth test fails, the results of that machine for that test run will not be displayed in the test's results. Your test will still run despite this bandwidth issue