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Scripts are uploaded to the Dynatrace Portal from the Recorder (i.e. scripts not yet associated with an active test), but the script names are not appearing in the Portal to be selected to create as a new test.


Valid characters for script names and step names are:

  • Letters A through Z, upper or lower case
  • Numbers 0 through 9
  • Space
  • Hyphen ( - )
  • Period ( . )
  • Forward slash ( / )
  • Colon ( : )
  • Underscore ( _ )
  • Comma ( , )

The name cannot contain the following terms:

  • delete
  • drop
  • exec
  • insert
  • update

If you try to use an illegal character in a script name, the Dynatrace Recorder will display an error message so you can correct the name.

If you have uploaded a script with an illegal character in the step name, create and upload a corrected version of the script.

  1. If you don't have a copy of the script saved locally, use the File > Open (remote) command in the Dynatrace Recorder to download the script.
    See Opening a Script in the documentation for details.
  2. Edit the step name(s) as needed.
    See Modifying Script and Step Names.
  3. Use the File > Save (remote) command to upload the edited script to the Dynatrace Portal.
    Select Replace existing script, search for and select the script to replace, and click Save.
    For more details, see Saving a Script.



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