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It is often helpful to create Performance Reports that show data in an organized fashion. When you go to ADMIN > Reports and click Create a new report, you have three report types to choose from. Each report contains a different blend of information. You can choose the type that best matches your needs.

The End-to-End Time Report gives you both the Current and Historical Average Response Time, Test Errors and Availability, and Page Errors and Availability of your selected test(s). It also includes a graph of the test(s) availability.

The GPN Summary Report gives you the Response Time, Download Distribution, Test Errors and Availability, Page Errors and Availability, and Top 5 Errors of your selected test(s).

The Perspective Report give you the Availability as well as the Maximum, Minimum, and Average Response times of your selected test(s). It also includes charts of the average Availability and Response Time.

You can set up all three types at first to get a better feeling of the information contained in each report. If at any time you decide that you no longer need one or more reports you can simply go back in to the Reports section of the ADMIN tab and delete the desired report(s).