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In some charts, I see processing and/or parsing time, but in others I do not. Is this difference due to a configuration setting for Dynatrace Portal charting?


By default, client-side processing is not included in the performance metrics because client-side processing depends heavily on the end-user machine as well as on the Agent (or browser) used to parse the web page. Excluding client-side processing data from the results ensures that performance times are not skewed by how long the Agent takes to execute a script or parse a page.

To see the client-side processing time in results, select the Include client (non-network) time in results option when you provision a test. You can also edit an existing test to include this option.

Note: Client-side processing values may appear as visible gaps in the waterfall charts.


Root Cause

  • Server-side (where the application is hosted) processing includes database queries, server-side script processing, etc.

  • Client-side (within a browser) processing includes the time it takes to read/parse the page source files as well as the time it takes to render the page in the browser window.



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