• Dynatrace (Windows) Recorder



i am using the Windows recorder (not the Web recoreder) to record synthetic monitoring scenario, and when i click on save to Dynatrace platform ==> save remote i use the credentials which works to connect to i get the answer

Dynatrace Recorder Logging in to the GPN failed : Network returend 0 : Retruen code : 0 Errorr Datail (NS_ERROR_FAILURe) Valid XML Doc : false



This error means local communication to and are failed. Those two are the address to Web Services Dynatrace Recorder needs to communicate to. The communication is done via https using port 443 in the Dynatrace Windows Recorder.

Ping to those two addresses locally. If you cannot connect to them, adding exception in your local IE Setting or ask your IT team to whitelist hosts: and, should fix the issue.