We get asked all the time at Dynatrace, do you have a version control system for scripts?  The answer is not really. 

Technically what happens when you edit a script and upload it to the platform, we replace the existing script with the edited script and make a copy of the existing one.  However, we do not display the previous scripts to the user so there’s no way to get access to an older script.

All hope is not lost as you can use the platform’s capabilities to manage versions on your own.  So, in order to do this, an approach would flow something like this.

  1. Create a new script called ‘eCommerce’.  Upload it to the platform and schedule it to be run on our global monitoring network.  This is script v1.
  2. In order to keep a copy of script v1, open it in the Windows-based recorder and save it to the platform as ‘eCommerce v1’.  This script will show up as unassigned in the recorder.  These unassigned scripts are your versioning system.
  3. When you are ready to create v2 of your script, create your script or modify the previous one and save it to the platform as ‘eCommerce v2’.  When the script is complete, save all your changes as ‘eCommerce v2’ and then save it again using the ‘Replace existing script’ option and overwrite your ‘eCommerce’ script which will replace the one running on the global monitoring network.

You can always delete older script history using the Delete option in the recorder.




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