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Baseline: Execute the test through the LAN; there is no relation with any mobile carrier. 
Direct Connection: Connect directly to a website using a specified mobile carrier.
Mobile Proxy: Use a specified carrier’s proxy to access a web page.

By scheduling tests over the Baseline and over a carrier's connection (proxy and/or direct), you will quickly be able to troubleshoot issues and distinguish potential problems as coming either from the web site or coming from the carrier connection.

For example, you can:

  • Compare the mobile connection proxy and the non-proxy access to the web site.
  • Compare the availability or performance trend of your tests between the mobile connection and LAN Connection.

Note: Proxy access is not available for all carriers. If your test is designed to be executed to the proxy but the proxy is not available on a specific carrier, then the test will be executed using the direct HTTP connection (but still using the mobile connection if this is executed on a non-Baseline peer).