• Private Last Mile



I have installed a Private Last Mile peer and it is checking in fine. It has no problem testing against external website like google.com however it kept reporting http 500 when trying to hit an intranet site.


To fix this issue, configure the script to bypass the proxy configuration.

  1. Download the script and open it with Windows Notepad.
    Use the Recorder to download the script, then save it, as described in Opening a Script and Saving a Script in the documentation.
  2. Find the Configuration area:
    <Configuration> ...... </Configuration>
  3. Add the bypass proxy setting right before the end of the configuration area:
    <Param name="http://www.gomez.com/capabilities/bypass_proxy" value=""/>
  4. Upload the script back to the Synthetic Classic Portal, as described in Saving a Script.
Root Cause

The proxy sever may not be able to resolve the local host in question. Additional attribute needs to be manually added into the test script to bypass the proxy configuration. Then the Private Last Mile peer will ignore the proxy settings for this script.

If the script is still failing with a 500 error, contact Support for assistance.