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Peer Population Fill Rate

The "Fill Rate" probability does not mean the actual fill rate. It shows the rough estimates for future capacity from peers in an online state based on the last 24 hours.

The probability is calculated by the peer's Hourly Available Seconds, which includes all the peer's hourly free capacity under its defined population.

Hourly Available Seconds = hourly total online time – hourly processing time

The capacity icons of "Fill Rate" probability will rely on the Hourly Available Seconds of that peer and provide a rough estimate of how many measurements the peer is capable of running:

  • Able to run more than 60 measurements – The icon will be green [Excellent].
  • Able to run between 30 - 60 measurements – The icon will be yellow [Good].
  • Able to run less than 30 measurements – The icon will be red [Poor].

Peer capacity can be negatively impacted if, for example, peers can't finish tests but they remain online. This scenario creates inconsistent probability data, which can cause some populations to have inaccurate peer distributions.