In the Dynatrace Recorder, "playback communication error" is a problem that may occur in different cases. If you run into this error, try the following procedures.


  1. Note the following information as they will be very helpful to figure out what could cause this issue for you. And you can easily provide them to Support when you open a ticket:
    1. From which agent(s) playback do you see this error: One specific Agent or some or all agents?
    2. For which script(s) do you see this error: one specific script or all scripts you run?
    3. Try record a single step script to a third party website, like, and play the script back. Do you see the error or successful playback?
    4. How many pop up windows do you see after you click on the Play button
      1. One initial window then another pop up window
      2. Just the initial window and it stuck there?
      3. No initial window at all?
    5. If you could see the second pop up window:
      1. Do you see the script being processed there and target page being opened there?
      2. Or do you see the script appears to be processed but nothing opens?
      3. Or do you see the pop up window flushing a little bit then closed
  2. Manually open the related agent executable:
    1. Close Recorder and double check through Task Manager and make sure it is fully stopped
    2. Go to the installation directory for Recorder then go to playback > ( the related agent) folder. For example: playback > chrome
    3. Find the target executable:
      1. For Chrome Agent, it is GomezChromeAgent.exe 
      2. For Firefox Agent, it is Panzilla.exe
      3. For IE Agent, it is GomezIEAgent.exe
    4. Double click on the exe file and see if you can open it fine
      1. Can this exe file be opened?
    5. If yes, use the exe file as a browser and open the same web page that you experienced the Playback Communication Error
      1. If yes, try click through the same script process and see if you can complete it

Make sure your anti-virus software and firewall don't block the following processes:

  • plugin-container.exe
  • Dynatrace Recorder.exe
  • Panzilla.exe
  • GomezIEAgent.exe
  • GomezChromeAgent.exe

Make sure no other program is using or blocking ports:

  • -7777 (For IE Agent)
  • -8100 ( For FF Agent)
  • -337 ( For CH Agent)

Internet Explorer Playback

If this error happens only when using the IE playback agent, check the Security settings in your Internet Explorer browser (Tools > Internet Options > Security). For best results with the IE playback agent, we recommend setting the security level to Medium-High or below.

If the problem persists, contact Customer Support for assistance.


Firefox and CHrome Playback

If this error happens only on Firefox Agent and/or on Chrome Agent or on All three agents: Firefox, Chrome and IE Agent:

  1. Open the Recorder using the Windows command Run as administrator.
  2. Remove all files in the Dynatrace Recorder Profiles folder:
    C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Dynatrace\Dynatrace Recorder\Profiles
    For Windows Vista:
    C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\...
  1. Anonymous (login to see details)

    Thanks Nyna, appreciate it. This is an issue which I come by all the time, normally after having played back a script several times during development and testing. I suspect some sort of memory leak as leaving the desktop recorder client open for extended periods of time yields the same results and the memory footprint of the recorder becomes quite large. In any case closing and re-opening the client resolves the issue every time for the scenario that I encounter. Note I did use to get more stability from the client. Starting sometime in 2017 with one of the client updates these issues became very pervasive and the situation has never improved. This is across multiple systems and installations.