• Private Peer (Private Last Mile) UI



Private Last Mile can be configured to three different bandwidth test modes:

  • Standard (default) uses bandwidth URL testing, where known objects are downloaded from third parties (i.e. CDN) of a known size, and the peer determines the length of time it takes to download the object before and after each test is run. NOTE: If a proxy server is part of the network environment, URL bandwidth testing is not performed and the usage of the objects collected during the transaction are used to estimate the quality of the bandwidth (as done under Actual mode).
  • Actual uses the objects collected during the transaction to estimate the quality of the bandwidth. The transaction test will only be run once to get the bandwidth value and the test result.
  • Fixed uses fixed values for bandwidth based on the Network Connection selected in the Preferences for the client configuration. NOTE: bandwidth URL testing is not performed under this mode; such that if there are security concerns related to downloading the bandwidth URL objects from third parties, we suggest using this mode.

With the Fixed mode, LM will calculate bandwidth for this peer machine according to its network connection type, listed as below:
Corporate: 900000 bps/s
Broadband: 300000 bps/s
Dial-up: 48000 bps/s
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