• Synthetic Classic Portal
  • Private Peer (Private Last Mile) UI

When a Private Last Mile test fires an alert, first a Response Time Alert will be triggered on the time of the threshold being reached. A Failure Alert will be triggered on the time of the failure being reported. However, the Condition Improved Alert does not get triggered on the first successful test instance recovery.

Condition Improved Notification Alerts are based off a historical 60-minute time window: this means that, despite however many actual successful test instances occurred since the response time or failure alert, the Dynatrace Synthetic Classic Platform will trigger an Condition Improved Alert only after a reported 60 minute time window in which there have been neither a single reported response time or failure alert.


The following are two tables.

  • The first is a history of the transactions alert state across time, where a 30500 (Text Match Failure) indicates a failure for a test instance and 200 indicates a success.
  • The second is a reference of when the alert notification was triggered.

What you should notice is that the failure alert notification was triggered at the first reported failed test instance. The condition improved alert notification is not triggered on the first successful test instance but, at the next reported successful test instance beyond the last reported failure.