• Synthetic Monitoring - Private Last Mile

When configuring a new Private Last Mile Peer for the first time, the error "Failed to save preferences, please check your Account (User) Name or try again!" appears.


There are generally three reasons why this error will appear when configuring a new Private Last Mile peer:

1) Confirm that the Account Name* is typed in the Preferences screen without extra spaces or characters.

(*: The Account Name on the Preferences page is not your account name for Dynatrace Portal. It is the Private Last Mile Network account name. This account name should be provided to you as the Network Name by the Implementations team, or by your Account Manager when Private Last Mile is enabled for your Dynatrace Portal account.)

2) If the Peer machine uses a Proxy to access the Internet, ensure that the proxy information has been set up: in the Preferences screen, click on the Proxy Settings hyperlink towards the bottom right of the screen, and fill in and save the information appropriately.

3) When setting up Private Last Mile software on a Peer machine within a corporate network, the following domain names and IP addresses must be permitted by the firewall (and any other content filtering tools within the company) on the standard ports 80 (for HTTP) and 443 (for HTTPS):

The following applications also need to be added as approved to the firewall software for the Peer to communicate:


4) Confirm that the machine name (<machineName>your machine name</machineName>) displays in the file gomez.dat located in the path C:\Program Files (x86)\Dynatrace\PrivateLastMile. Add the machine name manually if it is empty. Then restart the service 'gomez peer'.

If you are still experiencing this error after following these steps, please contact Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring Support for more information.