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The Parameters: Substitutions By Node advanced setting in Backbone tests substitutes specific values for a script parameter, one for each of the test's nodes.

For example, you can use this feature so that each node logs into a website with a different username/password combination in order to prevent concurrent login issues.


When you upload a script from the Dynatrace Recorder to replace a script in the Dynatrace Portal, the Parameters: Substitutions By Node configuration is lost in any Backbone test provisioned from that script.

Use this workaround to preserve the settings.

Before replacing the script, log into the Dynatrace Portal and open the edit screen for the "Parameter Substitutions By Node" setting for that test. Leave this screen open in your browser while editing the test through the Dynatrace Recorder.

After you replace the script with the new version, submit the original substitution values.

Note: This procedure only works if the parameter names in the new script are the same as those in the existing script.

  1. In the Dynatrace Portal, open the Backbone test that  was provisioned from the script into the Edit a Backbone Test page. For details, see  Editing Tests in the Portal documentation.
  2. Select the Advanced Settings tab. 
  3. Download the script to the Dynatrace Recorder and make the necessary edits. For details, see Editing a Script in the Recorder documentation.
  4. Upload the script to the Dynatrace Portal, using the Replace existing script setting. For details, see Saving a Script
  5. In the Edit a Backbone Test page, click Update and Finish to save the Parameters: Substitutions by Node values listed in the page.
If you reopen the test into the Edit a Backbone Test page, you can see in the Advanced tab that the Parameters: Substitutions by Node values are still in the script.





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